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   Ecological Landscape Designs

                                                                          inspired by nature

As a biologist, landscaper, environmentalist and beekeeper, the company founder, Annie Martin, seeks inspiration based on the science of ecology and her love of nature. Annie re-directed her career after 24 years in the corporate world, this to better align her work values. Through commitment to innovative ideas and education, she hopes to inspire individuals and group attitudes and behaviours towards more sustainable ways of landscaping.



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What is Ecological Landscaping?

Humans have been changing and manipulating landscapes since the onset of agriculture.  Acceleration of ecological damage began with 

the industrialized revolution and the burning of fossil fuels, causing climate change, the ultimate ecological disturbance worldwide.  Human activities have caused habitat fragmentation, loss of biodiversity and contamination of soil and water.

Ecological landscaping is the philosophy of creating responsible, adaptive, yet resilient landscape designs for the future of our human habitat.  Ecological landscapes are designed based on the science of ecology, are self-regulating in their process and self-renewing.  They enrich biodiversity, work with natural processes, enhance natural systems and regenerate resources.